Ad Age’s Hispanic Fact Pack 2018 Presents the Leading Ad Focus Companies of the US Hispanic Market

Mobvious, the company specialised in providing digital advertising solutions to the US Hispanic market, and recently acquired by Prisa Brand Solutions, has been placed at the third spot on the Hispanic Fact Pack 2018 ranking as one of the networks with the highest reach within the Hispanic market in the United States.

According to Ad Age, Mobvious moved up from the fifth spot in 2017 to the third spot in 2018. Similarly, Full Screen México, also a company owned by Prisa Brand Solutions, has been ranked at the fourth position.

Mobvious has been characterised by its authentic mobile advertising efforts for the Hispanic market. Isabel Rafferty, US Hispanic, who was born in Mexico and has been living in the US for over 20 years, is the leader of the company. Her broad knowledge and experience regarding the US Latino market, as well as Mobvious’ Premium publishers, widen the company’s reach of Hispanic audiences in the United States.

“Being recognised as leaders and gaining better ranking positions along our allied companies on Ad Age’s Hispanic Fact Pack 2018 de Ad Age strengthens our experience and reach within the US Hispanic market. We are a serious company with renown in the industry, and our objective is helping advertisers and agencies to reach Hispanic audiences effectively. This ranking shows our commitment to working for transparency and tangible results,” commented Isabel Rafferty, Founder & CEO of Mobvious.

The Hispanic Fact Pack offers important information about the Hispanic market in the United States, regarding media, agencies and demographics.

These are a few key insights from the study:

  • 51% of the US Hispanic population is younger than 30 years old. The average age of all Hispanics is 29, 41 for non Hispanics.
  • Procter & Gamble is the #1 advertiser in Hispanic media, with a US $336M investment in 2017.
  • About 66% of online Hispanic audiences own at least one Smart-home device.
  • 60% of Hispanic adults prefer watching TV in English. Among those, 35% prefer English only and 25% Spanish only.

Source: Mobvious

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