Twitter begins trialling its ‘save for later’ feature

Twitter has begun testing a feature which enables users to privately save tweets that interest them to look at later.

News of the feature – which is called ‘Bookmarks’ – first surfaced in October, when Twitter product manager Jesar Shah revealed a prototype of the feature. Back then, it was dubbed ‘save for later’.

“We’ve decided to call our feature Bookmarks because that’s a commonly used term for saving content and it fits nicely alongside the names of the other features in the navigation,” Tina Koyama, staff product designer at Twitter, tweeted. “You told us that you want Tweets you’ve bookmarked to be private, so only you can see it. We kept this in mind while creating designs for the feature.”

According to Twitter’s VP of product, Keith Coleman, the ability to save tweets for later is a feature in high demand amongst users, especially those in Japan. Of course, liking a tweet serves a similar purpose to Bookmarks, the only difference being anything bookmarked will only be able to be seen by that user.

Source: Mobile Marketing Magazine

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