Twilio SendGrid Adds Critical Advertising Channels to Marketing Campaigns

Twilio, a leading cloud communications platform, unveiled Twilio SendGrid Ads, a capability within Marketing Campaigns, which enables marketers to create cohesive, multichannel engagements that drive business growth.

Launched in beta at Twilio’s annual customer and developer conference, SIGNAL, Ads gives marketers the tools to extend their existing email campaigns to a broader set of channels by building highly targeted display and social ad campaigns within the same platform they are already using.

Twilio SendGrid Ads makes the multichannel marketing process simpler, faster and more effective for marketers by using their email intelligence, website data, creative assets and reporting to engage and retarget customers across channels like Facebook, Instagram and Google Display Ads,” said Sameer Dholakia, CEO of Twilio SendGrid.

“Now, customers can use ads to get more out of email, and use email to get more out of ads. Our goal is to not only add new channels, but help our customers orchestrate outreach across channels, and to use data from one channel to enrich the customer experience in another.”

Leveraging a company’s email data to gain greater advertising insights can be expensive, time consuming and difficult to maintain with currently available solutions for multiple reasons:

  • Each marketing channel and ad channel has its own platform and user interface. For example, marketers currently need to export a CSV of a list of emails and then upload that CSV to each and every ad channel that they want to use.
  • Managing content across channels to create a consistent experience, such as visuals and copy, can be cumbersome.
  • Measuring success for any given marketing campaign requires collecting and analyzing data from all of a marketer’s disparate channels.

With Ads, users have the ability to grow their business faster by using display and social ad campaigns to target current contacts or find new ones, including:

  • Inviting prospects to sign up for emails from directly within a lead ad on Facebook and/or Instagram and feed it into an email automation list.
  • Targeting people on an existing email contact list who, for example, may have shown interest in a product or offer promoted in an email campaign, with display ads on Facebook and/or Instagram.
  • Finding new potential customers by creating a lookalike ad campaign targeting people who have similar characteristics to an email contact list, like people who receive a newsletter.
  • Retargeting visitors to a website using Facebook, Instagram and Google Display Ads. 

With Ads, marketers have better orchestration across channels to help them engage their customers, save time by creating campaigns for multiple channels from one platform and quickly and easily understand how their campaigns impact their business via advanced analytics.

“No other providers are executing multichannel marketing campaigns as well as Twilio SendGrid,” said Chase Williams, managing partner, Market My Market. “Implementing advertising strategies that leverages email data is a no-brainer. We’ve been able to utilise data from our email lists to develop more effective advertising campaigns for our clients. Twilio SendGrid’s platform is easy to navigate and eliminates many of the steps needed to execute a successful ad campaign.” 

Twilio SendGrid Ads is available in beta. Pricing for the Ads beta is media cost plus $50 a month plus 5% of any media cost over $500.

Source: Twilio

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