Trophit and Adways partner on PreLaunch.Me for better pre-registration campaigns

Trophit enables pre-registration campaigns on mobile.

Above: Trophit enables pre-registration campaigns on mobile.

Trophit and Adways have teamed up to create entice users to adopt new apps using PreLaunch.Me, a platform for pre-registering users for games and apps on both iOS and Google Play.

Tel Aviv-based marketing startup Trophit and Tokyo digital marketing firm Adways are joining forces on PreLaunch.Me to enable global pre-registration campaigns for mobile game publishers. Pre-registration was introduced on Apple’s App Store last week with the announcement of Nintendo’s Super Mario Run game, which debuts in December. Users who tap on the featured pre-registration promotion for the game will be notified by Apple when the game is available. That’s just the tip of the iceberg for what pre-registration can do, said Guy Hollender, CEO and founder of Trophit, in an email to GamesBeat.

PreLaunch.Me pre-registration campaign.

Above: PreLaunch.Me pre-registration campaign.

Image Credit: Trophit

Trophit introduced what it calls its value-driven marketing platform for apps in 2015. It enabled app publishers such as Social Point and mobile game developers such as Gree, Flaregames, and Elex Tech to place free virtual item bonuses throughout their user acquisition and re-targeting campaigns. Those free virtual items await the users as they open and play an app or game.

Adways started doing its pre-registration campaigns on Android and iOS in Asia, particularly in South Korea and Japan. Adways opened its U.S. pre-registration, dubbed PreLaunch.Me, for both Android and iOS. The combination of both Trophit and Adways could result in a very effective user acquisition campaign, as users may be enticed by Trophit’s bonus items to pre-register using Adways’ tech.

PreLaunch.Me virtual item campaign.

Above: PreLaunch.Me virtual item campaign.

Image Credit: Trophit

Trophit said that case studies show that pre-registration campaigns can perform two times to four times better than users acquired through Facebook and organic means when it comes to lifetime value (LTV). That means those users will stick around longer and spend more money.

Hollender said that Trophit views its virtual items as independently marketable items, dubbed vouchers, that can be pitched across any marketing channel.

Adways and Trophit have already done some stealth test campaigns for PreLaunch.Me clients. The results have more than satisfied all involved parties and the partnership has now been officially extended for the long run. This adds extra capabilities to PreLaunch.Me, such as iOS secure offerings and the possibility to offer multiple virtual items to entice users.

Trophit works with establishing attribution tracking leaders such as Adjust, Tune, Kochava, and AppsFlyer. The Trophit gift-voucher system works for pre-registration purposes but also can be used across all existing mobile advertising networks, with Facebook Ads campaigns, mailing lists, re-targeting, influencer marketing campaigns, or through any other channel where user is able to click or tap.

“We are absolutely stoked to power up PreLaunch.Me pre-registration campaigns,” Hollender said. “Adways is the absolute leader of the space and we take their interest as a prestigious and serious endorsement for the technology we have built. Adways has been and remains a pioneer in the value-driven marketing field in Asia, and we couldn’t be prouder that they chose us as a global partner.”

Ken Asakura, a vice president at Adways, said in a statement, “Adways is a results-oriented company: 92 percent of clients have given us 5/5 campaign review score for the quality of users we have driven to them. Since using Trophit, our campaign average conversion rate has improved significantly. We are very happy to add their advanced technology to PreLaunch.Me as this will help propel the Pre-Registration model out west.”

Trophit was founded in 2014 in Israel, and it competes with in-house solutions at game and app companies. But Hollender said Trophit wants to establish a global industry standard that can be easily operated by external marketing providers as a cost-effective alternative to those in-house solutions.

Another pre-registration campaign with PreLaunch.Me.

Above: Another pre-registration campaign with PreLaunch.Me.

Image Credit: Trophit

Tokyo-based Adways has more than 1,000 employees and it operates in 12 countries with its app marketing agency service, mobile ad network, and app tracking tool.

As for Apple’s new pre-registration program and Google Play’s before that, Hollender said, “We are delighted to see Apple, and Google Play before them, recognize the power of pre-registration as a major trend. What sets Trophit apart though is that it is accessible to developers and publishers of all sizes, allows running campaigns cross-platform, while enabling marketers to set up their own rewards for users.”

He added, “The premise behind our technology is the fact that it is accessible for mobile apps’ marketing teams (and now, also to their media sources on their behalf ) to track every ‘single promotional item’ as a regular campaign while measure the impact of this ‘single item’ via their existing tracking provider (same as a regular ‘download for free’ campaign they are used to measure).”

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