Three takes IoT services global with Cisco Jasper Control Center

Mobile operator Three has launched the Cisco Jasper Control Center, which will enable enterprise customers worldwide to launch, manage and monetize IoT services.

The automated IoT connectivity platform is designed for companies looking to deliver IoT services to their customers on the Three Group networks.

The Three Group’s customers can now leverage the power of the Control Centre platform across the Group’s global footprint of 12 mobile networks and international roaming partners.

“Global scalability is critical for the success of any company’s IoT services business,” said Susan Buttsworth, CEO of 3 International Opportunities Development (3IOD). “No matter where you are located, you need an IoT provider and platform that can scale to meet your business’ demands. Our global footprint, combined with the Cisco Jasper global IoT platform, will enable enterprises around the world to launch and grow worldwide IoT service businesses.”

The Three Group is already seeing significant demand for the Control Center platform across all of its markets, including:

• Smart Energy – The Three Group and the Cisco Jasper IoT platform will help bring smart meter services and smart grid deployments to market faster.

• Connected Cars – Over 50 vehicle brands worldwide utilize the Cisco Jasper IoT platform to deliver next generation services that can enhance the driver’s experience and safety through smart vehicles.

• Smart Buildings – Security and automation providers utilize IoT to accelerate and increase service reliability, automate monitoring for rapid response times and reduce energy consumption through online diagnostics.

• Smart Cities – Cities are embracing the power of IoT to make urban life safer and more convenient with waste management, Intelligent transportation systems, connected parking solutions, water supply networks, law enforcement, and other community services.

• Consumer Electronics – Consumer device manufacturers are leveraging IoT connectivity to help them evolve from product companies to connected service companies, delivering value-added services that introduce new revenue streams and improve the customer experience.

“Businesses across every industry are in the midst of transforming into service businesses, and a truly global automated IoT connectivity platform is critical to that transformation,” said Kalle Ward, Managing Director EMEAR, at Cisco IoT. “Cisco IoT currently enables over 15,000 businesses to deliver their IoT services worldwide, and together with the Three Group’s powerful mobile networks and multinational footprint, Cisco IoT can continue to help companies scale their IoT services globally.”

As an IoT market leader, the Cisco Jasper Control Center platform is the IoT connectivity management platform of choice for global automated IoT connectivity management. Control Center enables companies to rapidly and efficiently launch, manage and monetize their IoT services, while providing the flexibility for businesses to scale those IoT services worldwide to meet the changing needs and expectations of their customers.

Source: Netimperative

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