Smaato Releases New Inventory Discovery Feature for Demand Partners

Smaato launches the mobile advertising industry’s first Inventory Discovery feature, transforming how mobile advertisers are able to discover and target mobile advertising inventory across the Smaato exchange. What used to be a manual process is now automated, giving the global, real-time mobile monetization platform’s 450+ demand partners increased access, more control and dramatically higher inventory and engagement potential.

The new Inventory Discovery feature of the Smaato Demand Platform (SDX) automates the process of identifying mobile supply by giving control to the mobile buyer with a self-service interface. Inventory Discovery offers granular, self-service controls designed to make mobile advertising spend as targeted and efficient as possible for programmatic buyers.

“We’re excited to unveil the Inventory Discovery feature as it provides new value to our demand partners, giving them power to seamlessly identify and target new publisher inventory for their campaigns,” said Ragnar Kruse, CEO and co-founder of Smaato. “By enhancing our platform to give demand partners more control, Smaato continues to close the gap between the demand and supply sides, which makes our overall offering more robust and scalable.”

In addition to greatly simplifying the process of finding new mobile inventory, the interface also offers granular targeting capabilities to better identify mobile inventory relevant to particular campaigns and goals. Available inventory can be filtered based on time, Queries Per Second (QPS), geography, ad format, operating system, device type, and more. Once relevant inventory is found, with one click, mobile advertisers can create an SDX line item and start receiving bid requests immediately. In effect, they can instantly find the precise audience traffic they want, without wasting time manually sourcing new relevant publishers.

The launch of Inventory Discovery follows closely on the heels of SDX, which empowers buyers to optimize their mobile advertising traffic with a robust suite of targeting tools. Launched in July, SDX has seen significant growth, with 100 percent of Smaato’s demand partners now onboarded and using the targeting tools to optimize their campaigns and reduce mobile advertising waste.

Source: Smaato

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