Sharethrough Team with Millward Brown to Advance Native Ad Research Tools for the Mobile Era

Sharethrough, the industry’s leading native supply side platform, announced a partnership with Kantar Millward Brown, the world’s leading expert in helping clients grow great brands, to create updated research tools allowing brands to better analyze the impact of their native ad campaigns, especially on mobile.

Following successful beta tests with several major technology brands, Ford is the first brand contracted to use these new research tools in public release. The tools provide a new survey framework, which leverages the best-in-class brand effectiveness measurement capabilities created by Kantar Millward Brown’s Media and Digital practice and allows Sharethrough clients to ask more questions than previously possible when assessing brand lift, tap into larger and more stable audiences, and provide more advanced audience segmentation.

This new framework sets a new standard for brands evaluating the impact of their mobile native advertising, allowing them to dig into more nuanced questions around the effectiveness of their campaigns. As a result, brands have a higher degree of confidence than ever before when measuring the brand lift of native ads on mobile devices and both publishers and advertisers can now more quickly improve the quality of native ads, the industry’s fastest growing medium.

“The way we look at brand lift in the native era has been too reliant on questions that only made sense in a desktop world ruled by banners. Our new brand lift framework, offered in partnership with Kantar Millward Brown, helps advertisers pose questions that gauge the impact, rather than the mere visibility of native ads, which audiences ‘read’ rather than see,” said Dan Greenberg, Sharethrough co-founder and CEO.

“Kantar Millward Brown’s expertise has made a difference for us in creating this research approach, which helps better reflect the versatility of native advertising and allows brands to easily understand results and optimize for what worked.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Sharethrough on this improved standard of measurement for mobile native advertising,” said Stephen Jepson, Executive Vice President, Media & Digital Practice. “With this, marketers can better evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts and make impactful adjustments to their campaigns.”

Sharethrough and Kantar Millward Brown’s partnership brings together two industry leaders from the native advertising and media research spaces respectively. Kantar Millward Brown has more than 40 years of brand research experience working with the world’s leading brands and is active in 55 countries around the world. Sharethrough, founded in 2008, is the largest independent native advertising company and works with all of AdAge’s Top 50 Megabrands who use its custom native ad formats to reach its network of premium publishers.

Source: Sharethrough

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