Reflect Digital launches a brand new online tool to help improve content on websites, using psychology models

Reflect Digital has launched an innovative new online tool to help measure how engaging content is on a website, using psychology models. Rate My Content analyses content across four core areas to assess audience engagement levels. It looks at how the content interests and involves readers, examines if it has a good balance of language types and helps identify if it truly connects with users.

Teams of experts at Reflect Digital and the London-based agency LAB, who both form part of the LAB Group, collaborated on the project using their expertise in both SEO and consumer neuroscience.

Beatrice Andrew, Head of Consumer Neuroscience at LAB said: “In a digital age where users are bombarded with more content than ever before, any behavioural economist or marketer knows quality content is key. The number of articles users are faced with often leads to choice paralysis – so many articles to choose from, it is hard to know where to start. Once a user lands on the page, taking the opportunity to engage users and help make positive brand associations is more necessary than ever. In order to increase engagement, thus memorability of brands associated with content online, our tool is a playful way to understand how your content is pitched related to emotional engagement. Our Consumer Neuroscience department has developed the tool based on psychological principles and writing techniques such as linguistics to analyse how content is rated on an emotional level. The tool itself was built as a bit of fun, but the important message is to really understand how to pitch your content with a customer-centric approach.”

Becky Simms, CEO at Reflect Digital, said: “Rate My Content was born out of our obsession for understanding humans and a belief that digital content is often written for SEO first and the audience second. Google is using AI to think like a human more than ever before, so by writing for humans you will also be pleasing Google. As humans, we are all unique and we will all have unconscious biases to the types of language we prefer, therefore when one person writes an article this is likely to, unknowingly, be biased to that person’s preferred style. Unless you have an awareness of your language biases you cannot adjust and make your content more inclusive. With this in mind, Rate My Content was created to be a fun tool to help uncover these language styles. We hope this tool will highlight how inclusive everyone should be when writing content for websites. We would definitely recommend that marketers use the tool and that they start to think more about the humans they are writing for. What are their intrinsic motivations? How can your content drive more action, more conversions? By being more inclusive with your content and more human-focused there will be an uplift in results.”

Source: LAB

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