Pocket launches iMessage app for sharing your favourite stories

The read-it-later app Pocket launched an iMessage app extension today for users to share their favourite stories without leaving messaging app for iPhones. Nothing fancy, but if you use Pocket and share stories you’ll appreciate this new feature. Pocket announced the news on March 9 in a blog post.

To get Pocket for iMessage you can download it from the iMessage App Store or enable the app extension.

If you haven’t been to the iMessage App Store, it takes a bit of doing: Go to the iMessage app, tap the arrow to expand the menu, choose the apps icon, and pick the plus sign with “Store” written under it in the top right hand corner of the drop-down menu.

Once you’re in the iMessage App Store, you can choose the Manage tab, then tap the Pocket icon to enable the app extension.

Pocket has been attempting to give people more ways to share articles with friends since a Recommendation tab was added to the reader in December 2015. Unlike the app, the iMessage app extension does not include a recommendations feed with your friend’s favourite stories, or your Pocket profile.

Pocket was acquired by Mozilla in February and will become part of the company’s open source projects. Founded in 2007, Pocket has 10 million monthly users, according to Mozilla.

Source: VentureBeat

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