Pepsi transforms Twitter users’ photos into branded moments with stickers

PepsiCo is the first to partner with Twitter for its promoted sticker launch as the next leg in the consumer packaged goods marketer’s Pepsimoji campaign, which is populating the physical and digital realms with millennial-friendly symbols.
The promoted Twitter stickers will allow users to connect with Pepsi by incorporating marketed content within their own photos, essentially turning everyday users into brand ambassadors. The new ad product is Twitter’s latest venture in its continued focus on branded emojis and stickers as the platform looks to orchestrate a turnaround.
Refreshing branded moments

Twitter users can now incorporate Pepsi-sponsored stickers and emojis within their photos, turning user-generated content into special branded moments. As the experience is still new, many users will be excited to incorporate the stickers into their photos and will likely think favorably on the brand, giving Pepsi an edge over those that come later.

When users are uploading an image to Twitter on the app, they can click on the emoji icon located on the right of the selected photo to view the branded stickers. Pepsi’s stickers are featured at the top and users can select as many emojis as they want and then place them in different places on their pictures.

Users tap the sticker they want to use, and drag it around the image to place it. Pepsi has launched 50 branded images for the sticker campaign, and are available in in ten countries such as Argentina, Canada, Egypt, India, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, United Arab Emirates and the United States.

The stickers act as visual hashtags, allowing users to click on the images to see a gallery of recent content that all incorporate the same emoji.
Pepsi and Twitter
Pepsi’s branded Twitter stickers are a part of its ongoing Pepsimoji campaign that launched earlier this year. The brand continued to speak the language of mobile fanatics with a series of marketing efforts featuring custom emojis by bringing the designs into the real world, extending the iconic colors of the brand with social media photography (see more).
Twitter has been investing heavily into new ad products to try increasing its revenue. The social media platform priced branded emojis at $1 million during the Super Bowl suggesting that PepsiCo saw significant value in the marketing tactic.

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