Out There Media launches new division in support of Mandela Mile

Out There Media (OTM) has created a new division to help deliver humanitarian campaigns worldwide via its platform Mobucks. The platform is said to be connected to mobile network operators globally.

‘Out There Impact’, the newest division’s mission is to improve people’s lives via mobile technologies.  It aims to do this by facilitating and fostering mobile technology partnerships with development agencies, governments, NGOs, charitable enterprises and foundations.

Out There Impact’s first project is set to champion the Mandela Mile with telco partners MTN and Vodacom. The plan is to reach out to hundreds of thousands of users inviting them via their mobile phones to walk the “Mandela Mile.”

Daphne Loukas, CEO of Out There Impact, says, “Out There Impact is the perfect vehicle to help serve the greater good and improve people’s lives via mobile technologies.  It will make use of the stellar network and assets we have built up over the past years and which are ideally positioned to contribute to a more socially conscious planet.  Starting with the Mandela Mile, we aim to inspire countless people around the globe to become change makers and ‘go the distance’ for a freer fairer and more peaceful world.”

Shanthi Annan, Founder of the Mandela Mile, adds, “we are partnering with OTM and Out There Impact to encourage the world to celebrate Mandela Day by walking together.  This fantastic initiative is a tribute to all those who have dedicated their lives to freedom. We call on people across the globe to inspire others and share their global “Be the Legacy” message with the world.”

“MTN is proud to partner with like-minded organisations to deliver a bold-new-digital world to communities it operates in. As an organisation that was founded post-apartheid era, there’s no better way of celebrating the 25th year anniversary of our freedom than partaking on initiatives such as Mandela Mile,” says Ernst Fonternel, Chief Digital Officer at MTN South Africa.

“At MTN, we believe that the transformative power of technology and connectivity can unlock economic opportunities for millions of our people. As we celebrate the 10th International Mandela Day, we encourage the public to keep Madiba’s legacy alive by dedicating their time to help those in need.”

Source: IT News Africa

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