New Mobile Advertising Platform Enables Fast Production of Good Quality Interactive Mobile Ads

AdCanvas_VideosFounded in 2015 by Nexd, AdCanvas is a mobile advertising platform that enables media agencies to quickly create high quality, lightweight, interactive advertisements that incite higher click through and engagement rates.

The need for efficient and engaging mobile advertising platforms is increasing as the trend towards consuming content on mobile devises develops. Previously, HTML5 was the platform most commonly used for mobile advertising. Yet with sluggish loading time and poor graphics that accompany HTML5, the industry needed an improvement.

AdCanvas is the world’s first mobile advertising platform that allows media agencies to create good quality interactive banner ads in minutes, without using HTML5.

phone_placeholderWith this new technology comes the ability to produce highly interactive content that uses all 14 sensors in a mobile device, including the phone’s camera, real time weather information, sound, GPS, 360° movement detection, photo galleries and more. AdCanvas provides a high rendering frequency and high quality imagery while allowing the ad to remain lightweight — under 200 kilos.

AdCanvas adverts prove to have an average 22-times-better engagement rate than the industry standard, with a 6.9% click through rate and a 7.3% purchase intention rate.

“The campaigns that we have done in different European countries and in Latin America [have] average engagement rates between 15 to 25%. That means that [out of] all the people that are served with the ad, 15% at least, do something – they move the phone, they look here, they look there, or they touch something or tap on it,” said Patrik Kupenko, Managing Director of AdCanvas. This increases the consumer and the level of engagement with the advertisement.


All AdCanvas ads can be produced in less than one or two days and templates help make the process more efficient and the advertising content more cohesive throughout a campaign. AdCanvas is already active in 8 markets with a client portfolio that includes worldwide brands such as Ikea, BMW, Pixar, and T Mobile.

All consumer actions are placed inside AdCanvas ads. Consumers can perform functions such as locating a store, sharing an ad on social media, downloading an application, and much more, without ever having to leave the advert.

AdCanvas has an easy to use campaign management system that allows for quicker production time of ads and efficient campaign management.


Article by Haley Manin, Lovely Mobile News

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