New app industry survey: 86% of marketers will use remarketing in next year

Apsalar, the Mobile ROI platform that helps mobile-first marketers drive extraordinary growth, and Thomvest Ventures, a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm, released the results of a global survey of enterprise mobile app marketers, focused on how these business leaders are investing their marketing dollars.

The survey, conducted in July/August 2016, queried app marketers from around the world on their attitudes, current marketing strategies, and planned expenditures for the next 12 months.

Some highlights:

84% of app marketers report that revenue is their primary KPI, not install counts

78% reported that user quality matters more now than a year ago

58% say they are already using remarketing to grow app revenue. 28% more say they plan to in the next year

41% report spending more than 5% of total media dollars on remarketing

“Apps aren’t just a way to connect with customers – they are a major source of revenue for both pure-play and multichannel businesses,” said Michael Oiknine, cofounder and CEO of Apsalar. “This industry is no longer about vanity install counts. When 2/3 of marketers report that driving an install has gotten harder and more expensive, it’s clear why so many app marketers are now focused on proactively building profitable, ongoing customer relationships.”

The figures for remarketing usage confirmed a trend that Apsalar had already pinpointed in its app marketing attribution data. The company reports that retargeting’s share of total marketing events has grown more than 1,400% in 18 months.

“Marketers need to identify genuine business drivers and focus energy on creating profitable long-term customer relationships,” continued Oiknine. “They need powerful tools to identify and market to high value users in order to maximize ROI.”

Results also showed marketers are broadening the set of media channels they use. When asked where they would spend more money in the next 12 months, the most popular answers were video, search, content marketing, app store optimization and influencer marketing.

The report also revealed major concerns about app fraud. 78% report they are very concerned about the costs of app fraud, yet only 39% said their companies had invested enough in meeting the challenge.

Nima Wedlake, Associate at Thomvest, identified data-driven analysis as critical in the app space. “Ultimately, marketers that understand their marketing and customer data will succeed. In 2016, rich, data-driven understanding is job one for app business leaders.”

Source: Apsalar

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