Momentous Entertainment Group Completes Acquisition of Mobile Ad Network Blackfox

Momentous Entertainment Group, an online social media network company vertically organised into four business areas: social networking, social gaming, ecommerce consumer products and services, and OTT streaming media content creation and distribution, announced that it has executed agreements and completed initial funding to acquire Blackfox. is a mobile advertising network with a strong worldwide affiliate network that has generated historical revenues over the past four years having topped $2.5 million annually.

Blackfox experienced huge growth in 2016 with over a dozen premium and big-budget advertising customers such as Symantec, Tiger Media Inc and Cliq Digital (all three companies are publically listed with revenues over $300M).

These between others have used the Blackfox platform to run major mobile ad sales campaigns for such companies as Amazon, Walmart, Nutri-Systems, Old Navy, LivingSocial, GoDaddy, Macy’s, LendingTree and others. Blackfox has a competitive advantage in that their customers only pay for performance on successful installs or generated purchases.

In addition, Blackfox clients are allowed to pay on credit terms. This allows advertising partners to significantly grow their business when using the Blackfox advertising platform. With mobile advertising on the rise, Blackfox is well positioned to offer advertisers a risk-free opportunity to capitalize on this growing niche.

The biggest opportunity available to Momentous is Blackfox’s ability to quickly scale as Blackfox has hundreds of worldwide pending affiliates’ applications wanting to use and make money via the Blackfox ad platform.

What makes Blackfox an extraordinary purchase is at the heart of this company is its strength in digital marketing. This acquisition will heavily fuel our advertising campaigns for our current and future portfolio of products to achieve double digit revenue growth.

Momentous CEO Kurt Neubauer stated, “This brings to a completion, our third acquisition to Momentous and adds yet another worldwide revenue stream to enhance our overall top and bottom line revenues. Momentous is utilizing both sides of the market equation, having a large worldwide base of social media subscribers and customers and identifying and acquiring ecommerce and other products and services that will appeal to those user bases. We are continuing to work our acquisition model and expect to continue this process throughout the year.”

Source: Momentous Entertainment Group

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