Metro Newspaper turns captcha into an anti-fake news tool

Fake news has become a major issue worldwide. It’s capable of driving nations’ political paths and influencing elections.

And to help fight this phenomenon, Brazilian agency Artplan and Metro Newspaper turned to technology.

We all know captcha, that tool designed to check if you are a robot. But, at Metro’s website, it was redesigned. Instead of selecting random images, the user must select which image has a piece of fake news. After the answer, a brief explanation with the true fact appears and the user can move on to comment. Every day, a different piece of fake news was shown, keeping readers up-to-date.

“Journalism is the true guardian of the truth. And everything that can be done to fight fake news is important,” says Cláudio Bianchini, Brazil’s Metro president.

Zico Farina, Artplan’s creative director adds that “using technology is the best way to fight fake news. And being able to redesign a tool like captcha is a way to use the system at our favour.”

In order to use the tool, just access and comment on any news.

Source: Artplan

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