Mercedes-Benz’s Minicar Brand Is Trying to Turn Snapchat Into Pokemon Go

smartcarusa-snapchat-pokemon-hed-2016The Mercedes-Benz brand, which sells eco-friendly cars, is encouraging its social media followers to take photos of its “smart vehicles” in the wild and share them by snapping @smartcarUSA.

“The brand is surprising and delighting some of their followers on Snapchat with smart-branded gear,” Mark Aikman, general manager, marketing services for MBUSA, explained via email.

“For years, #smartspotting has been a way for consumers to share the smart cars they see on the road every day on social media. By leveraging the Pokémon Go phenomenon, the brand is able to take #smartspotting one step further with this treasure hunt-style activation on Snapchat.”

The goal is to target Gen Y consumers. Whether or not it works—getting Snapchat users to play Pokemon Go instead of just using the Pokemon Go app—is anyone’s guess.

Meanwhile, Pokemon Go continues to be a hot topic. Retailer marketers are especially interested in how it can help drive foot traffic into their stores.

Source: Adweek

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