Meet LEVO – The app that lets co-passengers connect on a flight

In the age of digital connectedness, this startup goes above and beyond to bring people together and make networking everyone’s cup of tea.

Meet LEVO, a platform that allows air-travellers to connect with co-passengers and meet them at the airport or in the flight. LEVO enables users to utilise their travel downtime to expand their professional and social networks even when on the move.

The LEVO mobile applications are available on the Android and iOS platforms and help travellers discover profiles of co-passengers online, connect with them via chat and select whom they want to meet at the airport or sit next-to on the flight.

To demonstrate the potential value in networking with air-travellers and to give users a first hand experience of the concept, LEVO is setting up a dedicated offline networking lounge at the airport. Travellers can simply walk into this lounge after security-check, meet other co-travellers who are open to networking and engage in conversations with them. The first LEVO networking lounge will be set-up at the Bangalore Airport departure terminal in partnership with HMS Host.

LEVO is partnering with corporates, investor circles, mentorship networks, and other communities of entrepreneurs and business folks to provide them with an additional avenue for networking. LEVO will soon expand its reach beyond airports and airplanes and follow the user to other locations such as Hotels and Professional Events that are convenient for networking.

LEVO is a Bangalore based start-up founded by local boys Rahul Maheshwari and Tarun Lala. The platform was launched in late January 2017 and is already seeing good traction amongst the frequent flyer community.

Source: LEVO

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