Mediahawk Launches International Call Tracking Solution

One of the UK’s leading call tracking software provider has launched an international call tracking solution allowing businesses to monitor calls and optimise marketing activity on a global scale.

Mediahawk’s brand new international tracked telephone numbers are available as both online dynamic phone numbers and offline static numbers, making it possible to determine which SEO activity, PPC ads, Social Media placement and offline marketing are performing worldwide.

The software works by matching a website visitor’s location to a tracking number, for example – a visitor in Germany will see a German number in the same way a UK visitor sees a UK number. So if your business has an international customer base, you’ll finally be able to answer crucial questions like: which phone leads are generating sales, which of my online campaigns are delivering desired call conversion rates, and what online behaviours lead to a call; with data attributed from the caller’s location.

Telephone call data can be monitored centrally or can be integrated with popular platforms like Google Analytics, SalesForce and other CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools to pinpoint exactly which marketing channel or search term is generating calls, the web pages callers are viewing before, during and after a call and businesses can identify precise sales volumes and calculate how much revenue has been generated on a globally.

This sales conversion information can quickly establish the value of inbound calls from abroad and assist in making more informed decisions on marketing spend and where to target or optimise activity. Additionally, the specific campaign tagging functionality can help businesses get even more granular with their attribution to truly establish call value from specific campaigns, not just overall channel revenue.

Speaking on the value of using international dynamic numbers, Mediahawk’s CEO Michael Morrell says: “If you have a business with a known international customer base purchasing from you in the UK, this will finally answer those questions about ROI from your website and wider online marketing which have previously been difficult to obtain without correct global tracking.”

Source: Mediahawk

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