Location-Based Mobile Ordering: The Natural Evolution of Customer Service

With 6 billion people worldwide said to own a mobile phone, rare is the occasion that anyone heads out to the casino, hotel pool, sporting event, or an evening of dining and drinks, without their preferred mobile device in hand.

The growing reliance on mobile wallets — and the unwavering trust that there is always “an app for that” — means that customer service businesses must engage their customers where the money is: on their mobile device.

The prodigious success of mobile ordering apps like Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Dominos has proven the value, demand, and ROI that comes with the convenience of location-based mobile ordering. These big brands allocated hundreds of millions of dollars to integrating location-based intelligence, working out the bugs, and pushing clever marketing to consumers who were once skeptical about the technology — but now are hungry for more. Smaller businesses can offer similar technology without the prohibitive costs.

Customer service businesses can now leverage GPS, Wi-Fi, and Beacons to locate and deliver orders to customers at in a restaurant, around a pool, or at a seat in an arena or a table in a casino.

How It Works
Location-based mobile ordering can be added to any service business by working with a location-based service provider. Companies can work with developers to install a Software Development Kit (SDK) into their existing mobile applications. Integration into several popular POS systems is also available. Arenas, casinos, hotels, restaurants, bars and retailers of all sizes can add location-based services to engage their audience, increase their revenue and streamline their service.

Line anxiety, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), and the losing battle for a bartender’s attention are just a few of the reasons customers of all ages are compelled to move to mobile ordering. In the nascent days of geolocation, businesses had quite a few barriers to overcome — not to mention, worrying whether customers would even turn “location services” ON.

Use Case
Increasing Casino Food and Beverage Revenue: Many casinos who currently provide free drinks can increase revenue and improve service by giving casino players the opportunity to order premium beverages, food, or other services directly to their table.

*Dr. Michael Arner is the CTO of RoamingAround. RoamingAround has just released the RoamAbout mobile app that grants businesses with complete access to RoamingAround’s Location-Based Service Platform.

Source: Roaming Around

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