Limitless joins forces with NewDay to deliver pioneering Voice of Customer programme

Limitless, the UK-based inventor and provider of a SaaS platform offering AI and crowd sourced customer service solutions, announced that it has successfully concluded the first phase of a Voice of Customer (VoC) programme with leading credit card provider, NewDay.

The advanced VoC programme uses Limitless’ soon to be launched Crowd Feedback solution to easily capture valuable customer feedback and drive key product improvement. NewDay, a financial services company with over 5 million customers across the UK, invites its customers to enrol on the Limitless app.

Customers are tasked with conducting tests on a range of products and then provide feedback, in exchange for cash rewards. All feedback is channelled to NewDay’s customer support and product teams to accelerate service improvements and generate fresh ideas for new product development.

The VoC programme was launched with NewDay customers using Aqua and Amazon MasterCard credit cards. Both cohorts are providing vital feedback that is fuelling product and process changes.  

“Our company vision is to help people be better with credit. We put our customers at the heart of whatever we do, and the Ambassador programme is very much in the spirit of what we believe in. We’re delighted that this has opened new avenues for us to connect with and reward our most engaged customers,” said Francesca Rea, Director of Customer Service and Service Delivery.

“As a business, we are focused on delivering innovative credit products; timely customer feedback is critical as it accelerates our speed to market and allows us to stay ahead of competition. We will continue to work with Limitless to explore new ways of capitalising on the knowledge, experience and brand passion of our customers to improve our service offerings for everyone.”

“We’re delighted to have partnered with NewDay to bring this VoC programme to fruition. The success of this project is testament to the wide-ranging scenarios of crowd sourcing. We truly believe that the skills and passion of engaged customers can benefit all businesses in various ways – from on-demand customer support, to product feedback to pre-sales support,” added Megan Neale, COO at Limitless.

“By allowing customers to play a key role in shaping its product portfolio, NewDay is already way ahead of the game. This programme will ensure NewDay is always delivering services aligned to customer needs while staying ahead of market competition.”

With the success of the VoC programme covering its Aqua and Amazon MasterCard customers, NewDay is looking at expanding the partnership to cover other key products and service areas.

Source: Limitless

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