InMobi Partners with Moat to Allow Brands to Transact on Viewability

PrintInMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile advertising and discovery platform, today announced a partnership with Moat to offer brand advertisers mobile video measurement and currency through both InMobi Exchange and the InMobi network. The partnership will enable advertisers to measure, among other metrics, “human and viewable” and “human, viewable, and audible” (sound, sight and motion) viewability and attention metrics across all mobile ad formats including mobile video and native advertising, as well as transact on these metrics using Moat Currency.

According to Strategy Analytics, worldwide revenue from mobile video will reach $25 billion by 2021. As advertisers shift their digital ad dollars to video, ad viewability is an increasing priority for advertisers. This partnership will allow InMobi advertisers to transact on viewable, in-app impressions across video, interstitial and banner ad formats powered by Moat’s MRC accredited measurement.

“We take viewability very seriously at Starcom and we are working very hard to provide our clients with more independent verified brand metrics,” said Scott Curtis, European Mobile Strategy & Development Director at Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG). “Starcom is very excited to have access to this new InMobi offering and there is no doubt that this will be a great addition to our mobile solutions.”

Moat CEO and Co-Founder, Jonah Goodhart, added, “As the industry continues moving towards “human and viewable’ as the foundation, we are consistently hearing from advertisers looking for better ways to measure in-app video and transact on the right currency. Through our partnership with InMobi, we are pleased to enable advertisers to measure and transact on the mobile video metrics that matter most to them.”

moat_logo_orange_bgMoat is directly integrated within the InMobi SDK, allowing advertisers to measure viewability while also maximizing on important KPIs such as completion rates and engagement rates. Initial tests have shown that InMobi’s Human and Viewable Rate is 98%.

“We are very happy to partner with Moat. This enables brands to independently measure how highly viewable full screen interstitial mobile video ads are,” said Anne Frisbie, SVP Global Brand and Programmatic at InMobi. “Brands have been hesitant to spend on mobile video without independently verified metrics. We believe that now with Moat we will together further unlock brand investment in these buffer-free, high-definition, full-screen mobile video ads.”

Source: InMobi

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