InMobi Launches a Suite of Advanced Mobile Video Ad Formats in the APAC Region

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InMobi, a global mobile advertising and discovery platform, launched an advanced suite of video formats across countries in Asia Pacific, to help brands capitalize on the opportunity offered by mobile video advertising. The suite of video ad formats will be available across countries including Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea and Japan. The platform includes an advanced suite of ad formats such as vertical videos, interactive videos, 360 degree videos, opt-in videos and in-stream videos that have been designed to maximize reach and engagement.

Mobile video advertising is becoming a key component in a marketer’s arsenal, with a video component in 1 out of every 3 campaigns in the APAC region. As per InMobi network research, mobile video ad consumption is seeing an exponential rise, growing by 380% in the first half of 2016 in the APAC region. With emerging markets like Indonesia and Vietnam becoming the hotbeds of video consumption, the platform auto-selects the best creative to provide a seamless experience to users in emerging markets with slower data connections.

The comprehensive suite of ad formats includes:

  1. Vertical Videos: Vertical-video, a video format that renders in the portrait mode with 9:16 aspect ratio on mobile phones, presents advertisers an opportunity to reach audiences in an engaging, user-first format. InMobi’s creative services team helps advertisers rebuild already existing creatives (landscape videos) to vertical video format while keeping the core message intact.
  2. Interactive Videos: Short form brand videos with interactive, rich end cards which increase engagement by 2X compared to videos without an end card.
  3. 360 Degree Videos: These video ads offer an immersive and interactive experience for the user.
  4. Opt-In Videos: 15-30 second non-skippable video ads that play at natural break points in the app interaction after a user opts in.
  5. In-Stream Videos: Pre-roll and mid-roll video ads that autoplay seamlessly within video content.

While mobile-first creatives are proven to help brand marketers deliver real results, marketers can further strengthen their campaigns by combining them with advanced video formats. InMobi customers who are embracing these advanced video ad formats are seeing significant improvement in metrics, with vertical video delivering up to 9X completion rates compared to horizontal mobile video formats.

Video ads work well for both performance and brand marketing campaigns. For example, vertical video, opt-in video and in-stream videos are found to enhance brand awareness metrics, while interactive videos with rich-media end cards, 360° videos and native in-stream videos help in increasing user engagement and conversions. InMobi’s partnerships with industry leaders in 3rd party independent viewability measurement leaders ensure that brands have the ability to measure complete viewability while also maximizing on critical KPIs like completion rates and engagement rates, both on the InMobi Exchange as well as on the InMobi Ad network.

The video ad platform also provides advertisers the opportunity for intelligent retargeting of users who have seen or interacted with video ads, resulting in higher engagement. A combination of mobile-first video creative capabilities across all video ad formats, smart retargeting and endorsement from 3rd party measurement partners, makes InMobi’s video ad platform the most comprehensive and advanced option for advertisers today.

“Mobile video has suffered from a repurposing problem in Asia, advertisers want to replicate a TV ad or a desktop ad onto mobile. However, that is neither sufficient nor right. By exte nding our creative capabilities to video and enriching it with a comprehensive suite of advanced ads to capture multiple mobile moments, supported by full viewability verification, InMobi becomes the one-stop solution that brands need to win with video, across all marketing objectives,” says, Jayesh Easwaramony, Vice President & General Manager, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, InMobi.

For more information on vertical video and other immersive ad formats, please visit:

Source: InMobi

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