IAB launches quiz and guides to improve the ad industry’s digital literacy

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has launched an online quiz for practitioners to measure their knowledge of industry jargon as part of a push to improve the sector’s digital literacy.

Along with the quiz, IAB Australia has also released three new glossaries designed to improve understanding of video, audio and mobile metrics.

Vija Solanki, the IAB’s CEO, said the decision to create the glossaries was prompted by a sense of confusion by some parts of the market about what some terms mean.

“We need to ensure that disparate and confusing jargon is eliminated from the industry and drive understanding and awareness of the key metrics and standards across all aspects of digital marketing,” Solanki said.

Adver“I joined IAB Australia a year ago with a clear vision of helping to simplify and inspire and it is incredibly satisfying to see the hard work of the IAB team and its reinvigorated council members being realised. The four Glossaries that have been launched in the last month have involved over 54 companies and 67 members across four IAB Councils, demonstrating the power of our collaborative network.”

The glossaries encompass advertising effectiveness, mobile advertising, digital video and digital audio with the IAB saying it was essential that the industry created a common language.

Danielle Uskovic, APAC head of digital at Lenovo, said the concept was an important step in the industry becoming more accessible.

“IAB Australia’s series of Glossaries, designed to create a common language, will be an invaluable tool for both my team and the wider market,” Uskovic said. “Digital advertising has so many strengths from being timely, efficient, measurable and personalised; but it can be complex. This is a fantastic initiative to help drive forward the digital advertising industry.”

Source: Mumbrella

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