How FRISO Vietnam “Spread the Love” with a project by Out There Media and Mindshare

Friso by Friesland Campina is a trusted brand across the world by mums and “mums-to-be”. This trust originates from years of nourishment and love to ensure the products are of utmost quality. Hence it is very important for Friso to get the right information about mums and their infants – so as to allow the brand to create a qualified CRM base for engagement and re-engagement.

To do so, the need was to touch the hearts of Vietnamese mums and add value to their lives – in a very practical way. And, from a brand perspective, the target was to create a cost-effective, repeatable and scalable platform that can capture pertinent data in the most efficient and seamless way possible, while adding value to the lives of Vietnamese mums.

How did Out There Media and Mindshare go about it?

We created an exciting mobile survey and rewards program to encourage Vietnamese mums and mums-to-be to provide important information. Survey questions changed as the child’s age or mum’s pregnancy due date were captured….And in exchange they received valuable top-up credits directly onto their mobile phones, which they could use to stay in touch with their loved ones.

We then added a “viral” component on top to spread awareness so mums could invite their friends to participate in the survey.

Challenge: Friso wanted to engage moms and moms-to-be in Vietnam, a country which is heavily regulated by the government, banning advertisements of formula milk as the main nutrition for children under two. In recent years, infant toddler milk category was also under pressure due to economic downturn.

Opportunity: Friso along with Out There Media then decided to target these women who are independent, educated, pursue progressive attitude towards raising their children on the channel where they have maximum penetration, i.e. mobile. 97% of moms own a mobile phone out of which 43% own a smartphone. Mobile is considered as an essential part of their lives as it helps them not only to stay connected but also for socialising and sharing.

Execution: A dynamic mobile survey sent to all the Vietnamese mums using smartphone via a targeted SMS broadcast with the link to a mobile site. Survey questions change as the child’s age or mums pregnancy due date are made known. Mums who complete survey and provide useful information are incentivised with top up credit on their phones. Mums could also refer other mommy friends and they too could participate in the survey.

The Project:


  • Consistent CTR of 11%
  • 501,100 moms reached (unique users)
  • 13,781 moms completed the survey (unique leads)
  • An additional 4840 were reached through referrals (viral effect)
  • Conversion KPI exceeded industry average KPI and initial KPI set by the brand by 18 times!

Source: Out There Media

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