Goulburn Valley Turns its Product into a Destination with GPS Labelling and Tour Platform

The origins of our food are a heated and ongoing debate in Australia. Consumers want to know the truth about what they’re buying. New government mandated labels are attempting to make it clearer, but, in a push for full transparency, Goulburn Valley Fruit has completely redesigned its packaging and turned the brand into a destination.

Created by Leo Burnett Melbourne and the agency’s design arm LBD, Goulburn Valley has implemented a new GPS labelling system – putting the coordinates of orchards on the front of their packs. Now, a search on any device enables Aussies to pinpoint where their fruit came from – with 100% accuracy.

Reg Weine, MD, SPC Ardmona said: “It’s crucial people understand and trust where their food is produced. Putting the GPS coordinates of our orchards on pack signals to consumers that we are exactly who we say we are.”

To further extend this, Leo Burnett has launched Goulburn Valley Food Tours. An immersive online tour platform that allows consumers to explore the orchards in 360°, as well as the wider region so they can discover the beauty of Goulburn Valley.

Weine continued: “The tourism aspect gives much greater meaning to our name. By enabling anyone to visit our beautiful valley from anywhere, it takes our credibility to a whole other level.”

Users can even download pre-planned tours to take with friends and family, helping to encourage more visitors to the region.

Jason Williams, CCO, Leo Burnett Australia added: “People are smart, they want to know more. That’s why we’ve gone further and created a labelling system that’s accurate and true. That, coupled with the Food Tours, is empowering consumers like never before.”

The GPS labelling system has been run across the brand’s entire range. The campaign is launching across TV, online and social.

Source: FAB News

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