Exide employs Rediffusion Y&R to launch its new App campaign

For more than six decades, Exide continues to be one of India’s most reliable brands, enjoying unrivalled reputation and recall. Given that the consumers have very low involvement and hence little knowledge about the category, Exide extends its hand to provide assurance, expertise and authenticity to the purchase experience of its consumers. Through the Exide Care App, the brand wants to offer its consumers an ecosystem that connects with them on a real–time basis.

‘Exide Care App’ is not just for online battery shopping, but a complete battery management ecosystem right from purchase and warranty registration to service and emergency help.

Rediffusion Y&R has conceptualized a campaign that helps Exide communicate the Apps’s key features such as buy a new battery, get it delivered and fitted anywhere you want, register for warranty without the hassle of paperwork, get service alerts and reminders, get emergency on-road help at more than 90 cities across the country.

The films highlight the simplicity of the App and how even a kid can operate it with utmost ease. The campaign further builds on this message through the “We’ll be there” sign off. The campaign communication is refreshing and definitely re-energizes the brand, making it ready to partner the new generation.

The campaign will further be extended to the outdoors, print and digital innovations.

Arnab Saha, President National Trade Sales & Marketing at Exide Industries Limited said: “We don’t see this like another App that you will install on your phone and forget about. The Exide Care App is really about the whole Exide brand – living Exide’s promise of trust and reliability. As leaders in the category, Exide has always set benchmarks and defined customer expectations – the Exide Care App is a leap into a customer-centric future where “We’ll be there” whenever the customer needs any battery related assistance – be it emergency service, requirement of a new battery, warranty claims and so on. With mobility redefining customer experiences across products and services, at Exide we see the Exide Care App as the fulcrum of customer interactions through the complete purchase and experience cycle.”

Pramod Sharma – Executive Creative Director – Rediffusion Y&R said: “Striking just the right note for Exide was of paramount importance for us. To us, the Exide App is not just any App. It will, to a generation that survives on smartphones, be the face and the interface of the brand. The entire campaign has a wonderful collaborative effort between the client, our team and the production house (led by Director Pradeep Sarkar). We are confident the films will do well with the consumers.”

Uttio Majumdar, Head of Operations – Rediffusion Y&R added: The challenge was to ensure that the Exide Care App is positioned correctly. Given the iconic stature of the Exide brand, the Rediffusion team was really charged up to develop a complete communication package that gives the Exide brand a fresh interpretation while playing up on its core strengths of trust and expertise. With six films, outdoor, radio and some innovative digital ideas promoting the Exide Care App it is sure to be in the “must have on your phone” category for all.


Client: Exide Industries Limited
Agency: Rediffusion Y&R, Mumbai
President: Dhunji S Wadia
Chief Creative Officer: Rahul Jauhari
Chief Strategy Officer: Navonil Chatterjee
Head of Operations: Uttio Majumdar
Executive Creative Director: Pramod Sharma
Brand Partner: Tulika Rungta
Brand associates: Sachprit Bhoee
Creative: Ratheesh Pazhore, Adarsha Deshbhratar, Kiran Parihar, Akshay Nayak,Wiless Dmello
Production house: Apocalypso Filmworks
Director: Pradeep Sarkar

Source: Rediffusion Y&R

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