Dentsu Webchutney and Swiggy India Find the Perfect Match Based on Food Habits

Matching in the modern-day is all about choosing a partner (by face) and hoping it ‘clicks’. This Valentine’s Day, among all the roses and right-swipes, Swiggy and their digital partner, Dentsu Webchutney, have come up with a novel approach to finding the perfect match.

Ashish Lingamneni, AVP – Marketing, Swiggy said, “Food is one thing that nearly every Indian loves, in their own different way. However, there are so many people out there who would have similarities in which they order and enjoy their food. As India’s top food delivery service, we see these similarities on a daily basis. So we thought, ‘What could we do with India’s greatest talking point – food?'”

It is with this intent that Swiggy created My ValenDine, an opt-in platform, which uses interested Swiggy users’ order history, and matches them based on their favourite food and preferences. On Valentine’s Day, users come back to the microsite to find who their Valendine’s matches are.

PG Aditya, Creative Director, Dentsu Webchutney, Bangalore said, “The insight came from one of the seemingly bigger challenges of modern dating – it’s not a match if you have nothing in common. Food is the perfect talking point – everyone has a particular food they love, and a particular way they love their food. With Swiggy’s user data, we have found a way to use this to bring people of similar tastes together.”

The campaign was launched on Sunday February 11th, on, where registrations were open until Monday night (now closed). Interested users had to register before the deadline with their name, phone number and a link to their Facebook profile.

The site hit immediate success on Sunday, with close to 1000 registrations within the first few hours, despite limited promotion. “Food plays a far more important role in our society than just filling our tummies,” Lingamneni continued. “This is just one of the innovative ways in which the team has been exploring the things food can do.”

Source: Campaign Brief Asia

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