Cricketer Virat Kohli partners with community interest app MrOwl

San Francisco-based community interest app MrOwl has partnered with Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. Cricket has recently become one of the fastest growing sports in the US.

As part of the deal, Virat will share exclusive personal content on the app. The partnership will see Kohli encourage fans to create content ’branches’ about their interests with memorabilia and gift cards as the prizes.

Kohli said: “I’m always looking for new ways to connect with fans and MrOwl provides a unique way to connect, share info and see what others are following. In cricket it’s about the team, which is why MrOwl was a natural fit for me, because MrOwl is about the community. People add knowledge for everyone’s benefit and there’s great inspiration to be found there.”

Jogesh Lulla, chief operating officer at Cornerstone Sports and Entertainment said: “For the first time, Virat’s fans will be able get a unique and front row view to things that interest him all in one place. It allows him to share this with them in a new and efficient way. This is one more way for his fans to get a little closer to him.”

Arvind Raichur, CEO and co-founder of MrOwl said: “We are thrilled that Virat has chosen MrOwl as the home for his personal tips, interests and information. As people continue to use MrOwl to organise, search and share their digital information, it speaks volumes to have someone as highly regarded as Virat utilising MrOwl and sharing his personal interests with the world.”

Source: The Drum

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