Cheetah Mobile bets big on its ad platfrom to woo advertisers

cheetah_shareCheetah Mobile, the leading developer of mission-critical mobile utility applications, introduced Orion 3.0 to Indian mobile advertisers on the inaugural day of Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) being held here in the city. The introduction of the latest version of the successful Ad Platform was done as a part of the Cheetah Mobile Connect Seminar being held under the aegis of GMIC.

“India recently became the second largest market for smartphone users. This has opened up a lot of opportunities for marketers in India, especially in the mobile advertising segment. Our upgraded Ad Platform, Orion 3.0, can empower mobile advertisers to efficiently tap into this latent potential by providing the precision and visibility they need to reach their consumers. We are extremely excited at Cheetah Mobile about the immense growth potential that we see in India. We see India as a key component for our growth in the future.” commented Morden Chen, general manager, Cheetah Mobile Asia Pacific Business.

Cheetah Mobile’s Ad Platform, Orion 3.0, allows mobile advertisers with enhanced targeting abilities and tracking tools. Orion 3.0 will leverage its vast network of 632 million active users to provide precision in behavioural and performance based targeting making it extremely valuable for advertisers and businesses in app development. Customers will have access to high quality of traffic with improved retention rate.

Jenny Quan, Executive Dean of Cheetah Global Lab presented the China – India Internet Market Comparative Report, which is an analysis of the Mobile Internet market in India and China. According to the findings of the analysis, India is witnessing a fast paced positive growth of internet development and is poised to catch up with China and the US in terms of connectivity. Government policies such as Digital India and Startup India are credited as major pillars to innovation and growth. The report also sheds light on the usage behaviour comparison among Indians and Chinese.

James Gao, general manager of global strategic partnerships made a case for customised news reading and shared the company’s vision for the digital media/news ecosystem. Mahua Zhou, director of data products and commercialisation introduced Libra, an android analyst system and presented key trends seen in the global mobile market. The Cheetah Mobile Connect 2016 Bangalore seminar hosted a panel discussion where Balamurugan Mani, co-founder of Moca; Deven Dharamdasani, COO at SVG Mobile; Praseed Prasad, director-brand marketing, Flipkart and Ronen Mense, VP, AppsFlyer Asia provided significant insights into the next phase of mobile revolution and its implications for India.

Source: Brand Equity

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