Apple, Google and Android are Most Relevant Brands to UK Consumers According to the New Prophet Brand Relevance Index

Global consultancy Prophet  today announced the results of the third annual Brand Relevance Index ®, a ranking of the most relevant brands in consumers’ lives today. Apple and Googlemaintained their standings as the top two most relevant brands in the UK for the second year. New entrants in the top ten: AndroidDyson and Lush, squeezed out John LewisDisney and WhatsApp.

The top ten most relevant brands are:

1. Apple
2. Google
3. Android
4. Lego
5. Spotify
6. Netflix
7. Dyson
8. Lush
9. PlayStation
10. Amazon

The dominance of technology-led brands in the top ten proves that the most compelling brand experiences happen on demand, across devices and channels – not in one space or during one interaction.

“Today’s always-on consumers need always-on brands to keep them connected,” said Ian Kirk, Partner at Prophet and co-author of the Brand Relevance Index®. “With multiple devices, consumers now expect brands to be proactive, responsive and relevant to their needs.”

In order to find out which brands are the most relevant to people’s lives, Prophet conducted a survey of 11,500 UK consumers about more than 240 brands across 27 industries  measuring across four brand principles: customer obsession, ruthless pragmatism, pervasive innovation, and distinctive inspiration. By speaking directly with consumers, the BRI determines which brands are truly indispensable to people’s lives and how forces like technology are changing consumer behaviours.

“This year’s results show once more how relentlessly relevant brands are pushing themselves to earn and re-earn customers’ loyalty. They are defining – and redefining – what is possible in their categories and in our world,” said Kirk. “The BRI is a valuable tool for brand leaders to identify both areas of strength and opportunity to improve the relevance of their brands. It’s clear that in order to succeed and grow, brands must be relevant.”

Global Results
The Prophet Brand Relevance Index® is released in four countries – the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States and China. Apple was the top brand in the UK, Germany and U.S., and Google ranked in the top three in each country. In China, Alipay took the top spot, followed by WeChat in second.

The complete results across regions can be found here.

Prophet partnered with SSI, the premier global provider of data solution and technology for consumer and business-to-business survey research, to program, field, collect and tabulate data.

In the UK, Prophet surveyed 11,500 consumers about 240 brands across 27 industries. Companies from all industries that contribute materially to UK household spend were included, except brands in the tobacco and firearms categories or those engaged in primarily business-to-business categories. In some cases, smaller companies that are driving change in their respective industries were also included given their significant traction with consumers. The data was sourced from the Office for National Statistics’ 2016 Family Spending Report (UK).

Each participating consumer rated up to five brands within a single category on 16 different attributes that correspond to the four principles of relevance Prophet identified. To rate a brand, a consumer had to be familiar with the brand and a frequent consumer in the brand’s category.

Source: Prophet

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