AKQA and Champs Sports unveil retro themed game for DJ Khaled and Timberland


Champs Sports and AKQA unveiled the retro video game titled ‘Secure the Bag’ celebrating the latest collaboration between New England heritage brand Timberland and Grammy Nominated Artist DJ Khaled.

This mobile capable video game is an interactive experience leading DJ Khaled to the latest Timberland boot release using his time-traveling jet – ski to teleport and eventually ushering him to celebrate the launch of the coveted Timberland boots.

Eamonn Dixon, creative director, AKQA, said that he expects most of the game’s usage to happen via mobile devices. “It’s no secret that our target audience spends their lives on their phones,” he said.

The “Secure the Bag” game opens to a homepage showcasing a golden statue of DJ Khaled holding himself on a jet ski and the anticipated Timberland boot above the DJ Khaled and the Time Traveling Jet Ski logo. Users are immediately directed to begin playing the game by pressing the “click to start” logo.

Once the game begins, a vintage sounding hip-hop instrumental resonates on the page with a jet ski riding Khaled moving swiftly on an empty, narrow road inspired by the old school Super Mario Brothers game.

Players are quickly prompted to use the space bar to jump over open spot filled with environmental evils such as lava and distractions such as hip-hop dinosaurs and ‘Veloci – rappers’ characters while capturing energy boosters to get to the next stage of the game including the Timberland boot.

Motivated by DJ Khaled’s legendary keys to success, the game takes players on a journey to earn a key – shaped “Bless Up” power with a special lion key that grants temporary invincibility.

Throughout the game, DJ Khaled encourages users throughout the game with his signature slogans like “Watch Out For They!”, “Major Key Alert!”, “Keep They Away From You!”, “Bless up!” and “Lion” and introducing new slogans – “They Don’t Want You To Have Timbs!”, “The key is to make it!” and ““When You Think You’re Going Hard… Go Harder!”

The game navigates players through various periods in history, all set in Miami, Florida, to help DJ Khaled collect Timberland Boots via methods such as jumping on enemies or attacking them with his smartphone camera flash. The time hop era begins in pre-historic Miami through future Miami with new meets old elements surround the games environment.

Once you are done playing the game, players are encouraged to screenshot their high scores and post them on social media channels with hashtag #STBChallenge.

“Our expectation is that ‪DJ Khaled’s fans will be playing the game, sharing scores, and challenging their friends,” said Patrick Walsh, vp of marketing, Champs Sports. “The game will drive awareness of and excitement for the upcoming [Timberland product].”

Source: AKQA

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