AdColony Releases SDK 4, unifying display, programmatic and award-winning video offerings into a single SDK

Increasing monetization options for developers & measurement options for advertisers

AdColony, the mobile performance marketplace, is pleased to announce it has publicly released AdColony SDK 4, its latest mobile ad software development kit (SDK) for app developers. This latest update to the company’s mobile app monetization technology brings together AdColony’s industry-leading HD video ad platform with its banner display and programmatic offerings into a single SDK and adds the IAB Open Measurement Standard to existing viewability integrations for advertiser transparency.

Its most significant upgrade to its mobile ad technology since 2016, the new SDK, built with the latest operating system releases from Apple and Google in mind, marks the culmination of several major technology initiatives for AdColony, offering developers significantly more options for monetizing with one of the most experienced mobile monetization platforms on the market.

An All-in-One Ad Solution

By adding IAB smartphone banner, medium rectangle (MREC), skyscraper, and leaderboard display options to its award-winning Aurora™ HD Video, Aurora™ Playable, Instant-Play™ HD Video, and full-screen interstitial offerings, AdColony’s SDK now offers mobile app developers a full suite of monetization options.

“Every integration and every app is unique,” said Vikas Gulati, AdColony’s head of global performance. “Sometimes display ads are the right choice, whether that be banner or full-screen interstitial, and we’re very excited to offer all the solutions mobile app developers might need to monetize effectively via a single integration.”

While AdColony is primarily known for its video ad solutions and creative executions, the company has operated a display business under its legacy AdMarvel platform, and its video and programmatic display integrations include partnerships with Amazon, Google, PubMatic, The Trade Desk and many more. By bringing all of this to a single, unified SDK, mobile app developers now have more options than ever before.

“While video provides the value of sight, sound and motion, it isn’t always the right ad unit for all advertisers,” said Jude O’Connor, AdColony’s general manager, brand for North America. “By offering high-quality display via our SDK, AdColony provides a more well-rounded set of solutions to our brand advertisers. High demand and strong relationships with the largest brands and agencies in the world is one of the great values AdColony provides our publishing partners compared to other SDK-based networks. Display opportunities will further enhance our ability to bring publishers this diversified demand.”

More for Advertisers

In addition, AdColony SDK 4 includes the IAB’s Open Measurement standard to further increase transparency with advertisers. AdColony has led the charge on mobile ad transparency and accountability for years and was the first mobile ad SDK to be integrated directly with the three most-trusted global measurement partners; Moat, DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science. The IAB’s Open Measurement standard moves those viewability and measurement integrations into a single part of the SDK, making integration smoother for developers and allowing AdColony to support even more measurement options in the future, without requiring additional SDK releases.

“Advertisers of all kinds, but especially brands and agencies, demand more and more transparency, especially in the current programmatic age,” said Matt Barash, AdColony’s head of strategy and business development. “The IAB is setting the pace with standards for mobile apps just as they have for the web for years, and their Open Measurement standard is one we’ve been eager to implement to give our advertising partners the peace of mind they deserve.”

AdColony is also reinforcing its full support for the IAB’s App-Ads.txt programmatic standard, which offers security and transparency for both developers and advertisers.

AdColony SDK 4 is available for Apple iOS, Google Android and Unity Engine and can be downloaded from the AdColony GitHub. An Adobe Air extension, as well as adapters for mediation partners, will be released in the coming weeks. Despite being a full version number release, AdColony SDK 4 is a drag-and-drop update for developers already using the company’s 3.0 SDK or newer, bringing all these features to developers with ease

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