Actian Avalanche Pioneers Next-Generation Cloud Data Warehouse

Actian, the hybrid data management, analytics and integration company, announced the Actian Avalanche cloud data warehouse, a fully managed service solution available on the AWS cloud platform.

This innovative, third-generation, cloud data warehouse delivers breakthrough levels of speed, flexibility and economics designed to make it easier for companies to deploy and scale data analytics services in the cloud while saving millions over traditional data warehouse solutions.

As enterprises continue along their digital transformation journey, it’s imperative that they derive more value from their diverse, hybrid data to improve profitability and remain competitive in their industries. However, traditional data analytics solutions have substantial limitations when it comes to complexity, cost and performance.

Similarly, first-generation cloud solutions have also experienced challenges in areas of concurrency, performance at scale and resource optimisation. Many organisations, while embracing the cloud, still critically need to address their hybrid data legacy on-premise as well as compliance requirements.

“Enterprises are being driven to get more value out of their data by enabling faster, more actionable insights that drive better business outcomes. This trend is fuelling a market need for a new generation of operational data warehouses that are simple to use and deliver real-time insights at scale, without the traditional data lake performance penalties,” said Jim Curtis, Senior Analyst for the Data Platforms and Analytics Channel at 451 Research. “Actian has recognised this need by concentrating on price/performance benefits with its next generation of cloud data warehouse and on-premise analytics offerings.”

This need for faster insights to guide real-time decision making is driving a shift from traditional approaches to a new generation of operational data warehouses that deliver real-time insights for a diverse range of workloads.

Companies need the enterprise-class performance and security capabilities of a data warehouse, combined with the elasticity of the cloud, to create a new generation of data-driven insights.

Actian Avalanche’s innovative FlexPath technology is designed to deliver superior computing resource elasticity enabling organisations, based on business needs, to scale back compute resource consumption by as much as 85% resulting in significant cost savings.

“Momentum has been building over the last several years for new analytics and data management solutions in the cloud, but customers have run into challenges using current solutions,” said Rohit De Souza, CEO and president of Actian. “There is a major opportunity to deliver transformative technology to power an entirely new generation of cloud data warehouses to replace traditional solutions that are fundamentally tapped out and alleviate the challenges of new demanding BI, advanced analytics and machine learning workloads.”

Actian Avalanche relies on the Actian’s patented X100 analytics query engine technology designed to deliver linear performance improvement at scale. Combined with Actian’s comprehensive portfolio of analytic database solutions the company is uniquely positioned to address data analytic needs in the cloud, on-premise or a combination of both.

“Actian’s Vector Database and DataFlow technology powers Equian’s most demanding data management platform today,” said Rick Fitzgerald, EVP, Technology & Procurement of Equian. “With Actian’s introduction of their Avalanche cloud data warehouse offering they are poised to bring enterprise scale-out computing to the cloud delivering data-driven organisations a competitive advantage while creating the opportunity to reduce costs.”

Actian Avalanche overcomes limitations of previous generations of cloud data warehouses by providing:

  • Performance at Scale: Powers real-time insight for your most demanding queries
  • Ease of use: Deploy Avalanche from AWS Marketplace within minutes
  • Fully Managed Service: Fully managed so you can focus on delivering superior insight
  • Flexibility: Use only the compute resources you need, when you need them
  • Breakthrough Economics: Industry leading price performance, over nine times better than cloud data warehouse market alternatives, can save organisations millions

“At McKnight Consulting Group, we’ve been privileged to get our hands on the new Avalanche service. We found it easier to set up and many times faster, particularly as query complexity increases and user concurrency grows, than other alternatives,” said William McKnight, President of McKnight Consulting Group. “Overall, Actian Avalanche is an excellent choice for data-driven companies needing high performance and a scalable, fully-managed analytical database in the cloud—at a reasonable cost.”

Source: Actian

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