Valmont Cosmetics uses Thinfilm’s NFC solutions to transform beauty products into consumer experiences

Thin Film Electronics, a global leader in NFC (near field communication) mobile marketing and smart product solutions, announced a partnership and related market trial with CMSmartconnect and Valmont Cosmetics. Through the collaboration, CMSmartconnect will integrate Thinfilm’s SpeedTap NFC technology into Valmont Cosmetics packaging, enabling Valmont to instantly deliver expert, customer-specific beauty advice for consumers through the simple tap of a smartphone.

Valmont’s high-performing anti-aging product line reaches customers worldwide, and the company’s unique formulations based on natural Swiss ingredients are an integral part of its rich history and brand. Valmont wanted to share its story with customers in a more intimate and impactful way by facilitating a two-way dialog and strengthening consumer relationships.

“We are privileged to help Valmont Cosmetics create powerful content and manage the product integration for this innovative market initiative. They have a unique story that we’re confident customers will embrace, and NFC technology will play an important role,” said Jeremy Cohen, Co-Founder of CMSmartconnect. “Thinfilm’s NFC tags were very easy to integrate into Valmont’s packaging and we’re looking forward to measuring the results of the market trial.”

Each package in Valmont’s anti-aging product line will feature a “tap here to discover more” call to action. Through a simple smartphone tap, customers are instantly directed to a customized landing page where they can read more about the brand, learn about ingredients, receive application instructions, preview complimentary products, and execute online purchases. The SpeedTap tags – each of which has its own unique ID – fully integrate with Thinfilm’s CNECT cloud-based software platform, empowering the brand to dynamically manage marketing campaigns, monitor real-time tapping activity, and generate detailed analytics and reporting.

“We chose Thinfilm’s SpeedTap tags because of their unique ability to facilitate one-to-one conversations with our customers and to extend those relationships beyond the spa and retail environments. When our customers engage with us using this mobile technology, we can instantly provide custom advice and learn more about their needs,” said Sophie Guillon, CEO of Valmont Cosmetics. “Making our cosmetics packaging interactive gives us a way to ensure proper usage, drive re-orders, and build closer ties with our loyal customers.”

“We’re pleased that Valmont Cosmetics chose to integrate our SpeedTap technology in their premium anti-aging product line. This unique collaboration with CMSmartconnect and Valmont marks Thinfilm’s first NFC solutions field trial in the cosmetics industry,” said Davor Sutija, CEO of Thinfilm. “Our NFC solution for brand-to-consumer applications opens new pathways for premium cosmetics brands like Valmont to directly connect with their customers, enhance brand loyalty, and drive repeat purchases.”

Source: Thin Film Electronics

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