Telegram launches authentication tool for sharing real-world IDs

Cloud-based instant messaging service Telegram has introduced a feature that enables users to store their real-world IDs or documents and easily pass the information on to services that require it.

With Telegram Passport, the platform hopes that users will be able to use the service to share their data with services like financial services and ICOs, which tend to require real-world IDs.

The feature, which addresses security concerns by storing data in the Telegram cloud and is protecting it with end-to-end encryption, enables users to share this information with a single tap. Telegram says that users access their documents with a password that only they know.

In addition, all Passport data will eventually be moved to a decentralised cloud, according to the messaging app, and third-party verification will soon be added – meaning some services won’t need to request data because an account has already been verified.

For now, Passport is only supported by electronics payments system But all developers can integrate the feature into their apps and services for free.

Source: Mobile Marketing Magazine

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