Spoke.ai raises €2m pre-seed to cut through workplace noise with AI

AI-powered tool suite that prioritizes and summarizes information for knowledge workers launches in Beta with 500+ companies on its waiting list.

Spoke.ai, the AI-powered tool suite, founded by early N26 employees, has secured a €2 million pre-seed round. The round was led by byFounders, with participation from Possible Ventures and a syndicate of experienced operators. The funds will be used to start onboarding the 500+ companies from the waiting list to the Beta version.

Spoke.ai solves the problem of information overload in the workplace. Today’s teams are overwhelmed with workplace noise: tool notifications, Slack Channel lurking to ensure they don’t miss relevant context, and reply-all email culture, paired with the asynchronous nature of globally spread teams. Spoke.ai leverages generative AI – the technology key to ChatGPT’s hype with custom-built NLP technology  – to aggregate, prioritize, and summarize information, cutting through the noise to create context.

Spoke.ai integrates deeply with the tool stack of modern teams (incl. Slack, Jira, Github, Miro, Figma and Notion), to provide a powerful experience across two areas:

Smart Inbox & Outbox: Prioritize and summarize notifications across tools to reach inbox zero faster than ever without missing anything

Generative Knowledge Base: Semantic search that connects tickets, documents, and conversations across tools to provide an always up-to-date source of truth in summarized form

Max Brenssell, Spoke.ai Co-Founder said: “Modern teams are working with a growing number of specialized SaaS tools, but are drowning in the noise created by conversations and content stretched across all these. Generative AI has the power to cut through this noise to create the context we’re all missing.”

Casper Bjarnason, Investor at byFounders: “The new era of work requires a new era of tools. When we first met the founding team we were blown away by their product vision. We’re so excited to partner with Max, Jack, and Carl on their journey ahead!”

The Slack-summarization app – the first part of the tool suite – launches in open Beta this week. Early users from 20+ companies report that Spoke.ai saves up to 40 minutes per day, by summarizing complicated discussions across channels.

Source: Spoke.ai

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