R/GA London’s Adam Lowe Launches Real-time Storytelling App ‘Last Seen Online’

Adam Lowe, R/GA London’s freelance copywriter, launched his own storytelling app in December, 2016. ‘Last Seen Online’ is a real-time story about a missing girl who disappears after a night out with friends.

The iOS application replicates a messenger-style experience to deliver a story centred around a girl who goes missing following a night out with friends. The story is delivered in real-time through messages, images, voice notes and videos across the seven days.

It’s the first of its kind to be delivered in this real-time format and is one of many stories the duo plans to push out over the next year. Their aim is to change the way people experience long-form stories by using a medium that is used everyday – messenger apps.

Last Seen Online offers an immersive experience allowing the reader to delve deep into the life of Amy Morris through her personal messages. By reading her chat history, readers can discover her story, her relationships and her secrets.

The story begins the morning after the night out as the reader starts to receive photos and videos from the night out shared by her friends. It’s only then that they realise Amy never made it home.

Adam Lowe said: “Technology and storytelling have often been seen as opposites. However, the truth is that technology can offer new ways to deliver compelling narratives. We’ve used a medium that millions use every day to deliver a real-time experience unlike any other.”

Shib Hussain, co-creator states: “If you think about it, your phone is your most personal device. In your messages alone you share gossip, personal information and secrets with so many people. So imagine having access to somebody else’s messages and witnessing a story unfold.”

Source: Little Black Book

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