MomentFeed Adds New Capabilities and Ad Networks in Paid Media Manager Software for Multi-Location Brands

MomentFeed, one of the leader in mobile customer experience management for multi-location brands, announced that the company has added a new native ad platform to its Paid Media Manager software solution, and made it generally available to all ad agencies and multi-locations brands. MomentFeed’s Paid Media Manager (PMM) software, part of the company’s flagship Mobile Customer Experience Management (MCX) Platform, enables brands with dozens to thousands of stores, restaurants, showrooms or branches to manage native ad campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat in a local and authentic way directly to the community that surrounds each one of their locations.

MomentFeed, which was recently named a Snapchat Partner to help multi-location brands — including retailers, restaurant chains, banks, and franchised businesses — execute targeted, local Snap Ads and Geofilters, has now earned certified advertising partner designations from both Snapchat and Facebook.

The Paid Media Manager product uniquely enables distributed native digital ad management for franchised companies. The platform delivers more ROI and higher engagement rates because of its location-focused targeting and personalization capabilities. Additionally, ad budgets can be allocated to every franchise operator, and community-focused ad campaigns can be initiated from every location, while the corporate marketing team retains creative control of ad creatives and has a complete view of results across every store — and ad network — from headquarters. Larger brands can enable one or more regional ad agencies to launch coordinated campaigns that are specifically targeted to drive in-store conversions, and measure the results.

With controls and workflow for budgeting and approvals, and shared content libraries for campaign consistency and brand compliance, MomentFeed empowers distributed organizations to monitor and manage marketing and ad efforts across the organization, across networks, and across agencies.

“With Paid Media Manager, we’re hitting a sweet spot when it comes to mobile advertising technology. We know advertising agencies are looking for every advantage for their clients, and we can now provide them with integrated mobile and social campaigns for the multi-location brands they work with,” said Robert Blatt, CEO of MomentFeed.

“MomentFeed now brings together the networks with the biggest audiences for mobile advertising, and we’re now the only solution out there for these brands to help increase engagement, click through rates and ad effectiveness. We’re helping these companies create targeted and localized ads for clients that are 50-100% more effective when leveraging Facebook, Instagram and now Snapchat.”

Mobile ad campaigns can be created on the MomentFeed MCX platform through a self-service SaaS application or delivered as fully-managed turnkey campaigns. The company sells Paid Media Manager as both an annual subscription or as individual short-term campaigns, depending on agency or client preference. When sold as part of an ongoing program, brands and their agencies can run ads on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram as needed for any store or group of stores.

MomentFeed will continue to help clients ensure their physical business locations are accurately represented wherever they live across the internet. That location data management solution is the foundation of creating effective Snapchat Geofilter campaigns, ensuring filters only appear where they should — and tying the digital world to real world stores, malls and buildings.

Source: MomentFeed

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