Limited edition wine + music pairings via Eleven

Eleven has worked with alcohol delivery service Jimmy Brings and Spotify to launch three limited edition wines that marry perfectly with music in a collaboration via Eleven.

The Songmelier Edition range features an Australian Sparkling, Sauvignon Blanc and Reserve Shiraz, each paired with a Spotify playlist accessible via a code on the label. Wine lovers can simply scan the code using the Spotify app to discover the tunes behind the tannins.

Each playlist features some of Spotify’s most unusual micro genres including Bubblegum Trap, Aussietronica, Chillwave and Electrofox, curated to complement the characters of each drop.

Says Nathan Besser, co-founder, Jimmy Brings: “No dinner party is complete without wine and music, so we decided to help relieve the stress of hosting friends. The Songmelier Edition gives our customers everything they need to create a night worth remembering; perfectly paired wines and music.”

Says Sophie Paterson, head of communications, Spotify AUNZ: “Great music and great wine go hand in hand so it was only right we brought the two together in this unique way. The Songmelier Edition allows Aussies to tap into Spotify’s rich catalogue of music to discover new sounds and genres they may have never heard before for their next night in, or out.”

The range was launched by Aussie TV personality and music connoisseur Kate Peck in an interactive wine tasting, full of fun banter and new discoveries. To coincide with the Songmelier Edition launch, Jimmy Brings is now delivering in Melbourne.

The Songmelier Edition wines will be available to order via the Jimmy Brings app, or 1800 JIMMYS in both Sydney and Melbourne for a limited time.

Agency: Eleven
Clients: Spotify Australia
Jimmy Brings

SourceCampaign Brief

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