LBank and DAEX Blockchain Group invest in SVPER

SVPER, the social, instant video-only app for forming new real-life relationships in real time, announced that it has further diversified its global network of partners in the blockchain industry and gained two new strategic investors ahead of its pre-sale.

The two new investors are LBank, a Superior and Specialized Digital Exchange, and DAEX Blockchain Group (“DAEX”), a distributed digital asset clearing ecosystem built using a blockchain-based multi-asset clearing and settlement protocol. SVPER remains in advanced negotiations with many other private sale investors and has received pledges/term sheets for the Company’s token sale.

The new investments are a further endorsement of the appeal and potential of SVPER, an app that revolutionizes the way people meet online. SVPER improves the security, trustworthiness and transparency within the app and guarantees the “proof of existence” of its users by leveraging the advantages of the ERC-721 (a non-fungible token standard in Ethereum blockchain).

It is developing its new digital identity standard that we call “Digital DNA”. The SVPER community will validate each other’s identities by leaving reviews based on the accuracy of personal information to increase security, trustworthiness and transparency between users.

SVPER is on track to launch its Minimum Viable Product (“MVP”) in the fourth quarter of 2018 to coincide with the ICO. The MVP will consist of the freemium model of the app with users receiving basic functions at no cost and offered access to the enhanced user experience in exchange for tokens. The app will subsequently be upgraded to introduce further features as the SVPER community grows.

Catherine Zhou, Director at DAEX Blockchain Group, said: “The strategic partnership between DAEX and SVPER will help to fill in the gaps when it comes to DAEX’s underlying identification technologies. In this way, the SVPER team will also assist in improving the layout of the DAEX ecosystem as a whole, laying the foundation for greater co-operation in the future.”

Saeed Al Darmaki, co-founder of Alphabit Fund and investor and advisor to SVPER, said: “SVPER is a unique value proposition that addresses significant problems in social networking and using the benefits of blockchain has huge potential to disrupt the fast-growing market.”

Jean-Baptiste Fort, co-founder and CEO, said: “We are delighted to welcome two new investors who have extensive industry knowledge and expertise. From the time we announced our ICO Pre-sale for our disruptive social video-only platform, we have received extensive interest from investors who are excited about the potential of SVPER. The partnerships and investments will strengthen our position and help us execute our launch of the SVPER app and growth strategy for the business. We thank all our current investors and partners for their support and look forward to welcoming more in the coming weeks and months ahead.”

Source: SVPER

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