Impact Expands its Mobile Partnership Capabilities to Drive High-Value User Acquisition

Impact’s Partnership Cloud can validate high-value app installs, reduce fraudulent activity and identify new partnership opportunities for mobile marketers

 Impact, the global leader in Partnership Automation, today announced an expansion of Impact’s Partnership Cloud™, to help mobile marketers drive high-value app installs, prevent fraud, and manage all their partnerships in one place. These capabilities give mobile marketers better access to the emerging partnership economy, helping them not only identify new growth opportunities beyond search and display ads but also manage these new partnership lifecycles from discovery and recruitment to optimization.

According to eMarketer, 87 percent of new app users never open the app again after seven days. Furthermore, 25 percent of all app installs are fraudulent or misattributed. Due to the prevalence of installs that are either fake or do not result in engagement after the initial download, mobile marketers have been challenged with seeing a return on their advertising and marketing spend. With Impact’s Partnership Cloud, mobile marketers can manage their acquisition strategy at scale by focusing on direct relationships and quality; they are also able to track success and pay out by a CPI+ model that looks at post-install engagement versus traditional CPI. 

The Partnership Cloud handles the full partnership lifecycle for mobile app marketers:

  • Discover/Recruit: Find other mobile websites, apps, and influencers who can refer new users to an app, and recruit them into a program with automated recruiting
  • Contract/Pay: Create CPI+ contracts to reward partners who are driving app installs that result in valuable downstream app transactions, then automatically pay partners in their own currency when conditions are met
  • Track: Understand what’s contributing to growth by tracking which partners are driving app installs and downstream in-app conversions, across web, app and other channels
  • Engage: Build out training and communications drip campaigns, task management and full CRM to ensure partners remain maximally productive
  • Protect and Monitor: Filter out fraudulent or misattributed installs; this allows mobile marketers to validate traffic, get the most out of their budgets and further drive more rewarding engagement
  • Optimize: Measure the incremental contribution of all app partners and determine who is adding real value; drive efficiencies to maximize budget

“We want to give mobile marketers the necessary resources to target high-value users who are going to stay engaged with the brand after the initial app install,” said Mike Head, General Manager, Partnership Cloud at Impact. “Partnerships are a major driver in enterprise growth, so we’re excited to give mobile marketers a new way to drive installs, prevent fraud and prioritize LTV.”

“Impact’s Partnership Cloud helped us streamline our process and allowed us to scale using mobile partnerships,” said Matt Rome, Marketing Associate at Ibotta. “The automation of payment processing, onboarding and standardized communication between partners helped us optimize and grow our partnership program.”

Source: Impact

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