CooTek Introduces a Daily Step Competition Program into its Step Tracker App

CooTek, the developer of the popular pedometer app, Step Tracker, has introduced a new Daily 5,000 Steps Competition program into the app. With the integration of Daily 5,000 Steps Competition, Step Tracker is now an all-in-one platform where users can receive fitness-related content, interact with friends, and achieve personal fitness goals.

The Daily 5,000 Steps Competition allows users to not only challenge themselves to walk 5,000 steps every day, but also compete with other users around the world to earn bonuses. The bonuses can be used to redeem rewards or purchase Step Tracker’s premium services. CooTek will add personalised health reports and professional fitness classes to Step Tracker’s premium services in the near future.

Step Tracker provides free stretching exercises to warm-up, help prevent injuries and cramps, and run more efficiently. “Users like the exercises, so, we are planning to add more,” commented Zeyang Liu, Step Tracker Product Manager. “We believe that users download Step Tracker to not only keep track of the number of steps they take, but to also live a healthier lifestyle. That’s why we are trying to deliver more and more lifestyle-related content through the app.”

Source: CooTek

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