CM introduces Texter to test reliability of messaging routes

How can you ever really guarantee the quality of messaging routes when you’re dealing with fake DLR’s, grey routes and ‘white listed’ test nodes? CM introduces a new tool Texter, which provides a complete new way of testing global sms delivery and routes.

Solving a Distorted View

Texter is an sms testing tool that uses live nodes to minimise the ‘whitelisting’ of mobile numbers, which gives a distorted view of messaging delivery rates and route quality. Hence, Texter resolves the issue mobile operators, aggregators and mobile services companies experience: not knowing if a specific sms route delivers their messages to handsets.

Live Nodes

Texter uses live nodes to verify if sms messages are delivered: Consumers worldwide can install an app, allowing them to make a little money in return for letting aggregators and operators use their phone as a live testing node. (Android) Phones all over the world can be used to test messaging routes and guarantee the best quality of SMS messaging. The Texter website displays live coverage of where live nodes are available to test routes for sms messaging.

How Does it Work?

With live nodes, people join and leave the community. This makes white listing impossible. The use of our ID code is also hard to grasp for current algorithms. Texter offers an API that can be easily integrated by telecom companies and mobile services businesses.

Kristina Ristovska-Vidakovic, CM’s Product Marketing Manager said: “Texter is created for aggregators, MNO’s and MVNO’s, basically for every company that has the need to test the quality of the routes for SMS. Due to the current issues of the telecommunication market we face a lot of issues with gray routes, fake test results due to whitelisting, fake dlr’s etc. All of this, results in losing customers and most of all the customers lose trust in the provider of the service. The idea for Texter came up as a solution on how to lower these issues first of all for us as a telecommunication company and then to offer it also to our partners, suppliers and clients. Why is Texter different from the others, is the fact that it is a dynamic database of numbers so the chance of whitelisting is much lower and the results are real time aggregated from the data from a real cell phone device, not a sim box.”

Source: CM

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