Blend Media launches 360° video campaign creator

Blend Media, a 360° VR video solution for brands, agencies, and publishers, has introduced a self-serve editing tool for brands and advertisers globally.

The tool, called 360 Stories, enables marketers to create and publish interactive 360° video campaigns that are accessible for consumers on any device.

Users can start by choosing a background from Blend Media’s content library or by uploading their own video. They then add branded elements such as images, 2D videos and interactive hotspots via a drag-and-drop method. From here, the video campaign can be published with an embed code and accessed from any device.

“We realised that in order for 360° video to become mainstream and for marketers to gain access to the benefits, they needed a simple way to create and publish 360-degree video campaigns,” said Chris Helm, co-founder and COO at Blend Media.

“360 stories is the only editing tool that allows the user to add interactive elements on top of 360-degree video. This means there is potential to create a powerful call to action or even gamify the experience by adding hotspots that link two 360 experiences together. This tool will open up a lot of opportunities for developing campaigns that capture the attention of online audiences by empowering them to take control of the viewpoint and discover more.”

360 Stories had previously been on beta trial with brands and agencies such as NBCUniversal, the BBC, Universal Music, HelloWorld, Oath, and Maxus.

Source: Mobile Marketing Magazine

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