Global technology company partners with leading programmatic platform to support its digital transformation journey

Adform, the global programmatic platform, today announced it will be collaborating with Lenovo to empower the global technology company with greater control over its data, enhance marketing campaign decision-making, and ultimately drive better results for its business while focusing on data security and privacy.

The collaboration will see Adform’s Ad Server become Lenovo’s technology platform for global digital advertising campaigns. By harnessing the Adform Ad Server platform, backed by Adform FLOW, Lenovo will have access to new tools to uncover better data insights, improved management, data centralization of its marketing activities, and future-proofing its business. 

“As global data privacy requirements become more complex, our objective at Lenovo is to build best-in-class digital practices and governance that will bring us closer to our target audiences, increase transparency over our data, and better mobilize it to enhance the customer decision journey,” said Emily Ketchen, Lenovo’s Global VP & CMO of Intelligent Devices Group & International Markets. “In collaboration with Adform, Lenovo’s Media Center of Excellence is enabling us to better manage and control our own marketing campaign data pipes to harness its full potential for better targeting, personalization, and measurement.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Lenovo and support them in gaining greater control across their full campaign lifecycle,” adds Oliver Whitten, COO at Adform. “Configurability, transparency and compliance are key to ensuring campaign performance for brands and an open approach to data is fundamental in enabling this.”

Source: Adform

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