AccuWeather Launches Mobile Integration Suite

AccuWeather has announced the launch of the AccuWeather Mobile Integration Suite, a new context-based mobile advertising package available exclusively from AccuWeather to effectively reach consumers on the go.

AccuWeather says it understands the unique needs and expectations of mobile users and can provide strategic mobile-first insights and customized campaign solutions to advertisers. AccuWeather has applied this expertise to design an all-new mobile advertising suite that provides greater campaign viewability, engagement, and contextual relevancy to clients, integrating brands into the best-in-class mobile weather experience.

This product suite was developed within AccuWeather’s most accessed content – local weather information and updates with Superior Accuracy located on the AccuWeather’s current conditions mobile page. With the addition of weather-triggered criteria and a new integrated advertising display, the experience becomes more relevant and targeted for users, specific to their dynamically changing location.

Michelin Wiper Blades recently began using AccuWeather’s new mobile integration suite to elevate brand exposure and drive greater awareness. With direction from Michelin’s Agency of Record, Harmelin Media, AccuWeather designed a campaign package that used precipitation, including rain and snow, to convey the client’s message. Beyond targeting ads based on local weather conditions, AccuWeather’s design team used precipitation as the backdrop of the creative and included Michelin’s popular Michelin Man to extend the power of the Michelin Brand.

AccuWeather has plans to further expand its advertising solutions portfolio, launching additional Mobile, Native, and Viewable product suites in 2017.

Source: AccuWeather

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