Too Good To Go Offers Takeaway Leftovers With an App

Too Good To Go, an app that has just launched its service in London, enables users to buy excess food from restaurants at a discounted rate as takeaway meals.

The average restaurant wastes around 100,000 lbs of food a year, with the US, Asia and Europe throwing away enough food to feed the world’s population three times over annually. While some restaurants have schemes in place to give away leftover food to charities, most do not, and food is simply wasted at the end of the day.

too-good-to-goToo Good To Go aims to combat that. The company has partnered with 95 restaurants around the capital including My Lunch Box, Red Dragon and Jimmy’s Restaurants, with cuisine from China, Italy, Morocco, Thailand and the Caribbean all available through the app.

The service began life in Denmark, and expanded to Leeds, Brighton and Birmingham earlier this year, where it has already helped divert 800 meals away from bins and into the hands of hungry customers. Since launching earlier this week in London, has signed up 40,000 new users.

Users pay between £2 and £3.80 per meal, which can be collected from restaurants up to an hour before closing and is packaged in environmentally-friendly sugarcane boxes. The food, while excess to the restaurants’ requirements, is guaranteed to be complete servings, rather than scraps or plate scrapings.

Source: Mobile Marketing Magazine & Food And Beverage News

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