Twitter adds live video button for iOS & Android & says Periscope embeds are on the way

Capture d’écran 2016-06-17 à 10.43.49Twitter is pushing its live video, rolling out a new live video button on iOS and Android phones, in addition to confirming that a Periscope embed feature will be available in the coming weeks.

Twitter announced its new live video button yesterday via a tweet showing how users can now film live Periscope broadcasts straight from their Twitter app versus having to open the Periscope app.

The Periscope embed announcement was made during an event at the company’s New York City headquarters. According to a report from The International Business Times, users will soon be able to embed Periscope videos across the web, in the same way tweets can be embedded.

The International Business Times quotes Twitter’s head of business operations at Periscope, Alex Khoshnevissan, who confirmed that anywhere you can embed a tweet, you will soon be able to embed a Periscope video.

“For me, this is huge because this means we are totally breaking down the barrier between a live broadcast,” said Khoshnevissan, “You don’t have to have Periscope. You don’t have to know what Periscope is.”

Source: Marketingland

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