Thomas Cook & Now Healthcare tech helping holidaymakers taken ill whilst travelling

Holidaymakers who fall ill in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia, are taking advantage of mobile consultations with UK-based GPs through the ‘Now GP’ app.

Up to 600,000 holidaymakers who need medical advice whilst travelling abroad can, at the touch of a button, obtain GP and medication guidance and, if needed, access an e-prescription through a renewed partnership between Thomas Cook and Now Healthcare Group.

Since it first launched back in 2016, travellers who took out travel insurance with Thomas Cook (underwritten through White Horse Insurance Ireland dac) have received medical advice from UK-based GPs about a host of health matters such as sunburn, upset stomach, ear infections, and chickenpox whilst holidaying across Europe, Asia and America.

Founder and CEO of Now Healthcare Group, Lee Dentith, says: “It can be unnerving when you’re out of the country and you or your family member gets taken sick. Over the past few years, we have seen thousands of holidaymakers undertake a video consultation via our innovative Now GP app, giving them an enhanced level of customer care and an even greater peace of mind. We were the first digital health company to occupy this marketplace and we are delighted to continue to work with Thomas Cook and its customers.”

Anth Mooney, MD at Thomas Cook Money, said: “We’re here to help our customers make the most of their holidays with us and continuing our partnership with Now GP, is just one of the ways we achieve this. We hope this partnership will continue to give our customers great piece of mind knowing that help is at hand if things go wrong while on holiday.”

Those who have taken out an insurance policy with Thomas Cook can connect with their choice of qualified male or female English-speaking doctor online. Customers can travel safe in the knowledge that in the event of illness, face-to-face consultations with a UK-based GP via video calls are guaranteed within 10 minutes of a request being made.

Aiming to boost confidence among travellers and alleviating any cause for concern, medical advice can be sought both in and out of the EU. Furthermore, if treatment is required to combat any prolonged periods of illness, electronic prescriptions can be made available to collect from any local pharmacy in the EU.

Source: Now Healthcare Group

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