The future is here: Kaspersky platform, powered by neural network, answers questions of tomorrow

Kaspersky has launched its Safer Tomorrow platform, to try and better answer humankind’s most significant questions about the future. The platform is powered by a foretelling neural network, developed by a branch of global advertising agency BBDO. Selected daily predictions are shown on a livestreamed billboard situated on the east coast of New Zealand - one of the first locations to see the new day and meet the future.

Kaspersky is committed to building a more protected and safer world. To achieve this, the global cybersecurity company closely follows technological trends and predictions to generate a picture of what we can expect in the future and to understand how we can secure it. Kaspersky also believes that the more people who consider the future and its likely trajectories of society and technology, the more they will be able to foresee and contribute to a better and safer tomorrow.


With Safer Tomorrow, anyone from around the globe can get answers to the most significant questions about ‘tomorrow’ – from “when will flying cars become ordinary vehicles?” to “what will 3D printing be capable of by 2050?” In addition, they can watch the billboard live from one of the world’s most easterly time zones via

The neural network, specially developed for the platform, uses the latest machine learning architecture and techniques. The algorithm has been trained to analyze requests and provide predictions based on data collected from hundreds of thousands of related sources. These references include science fiction books and magazines, as well as selected media and blogs. It also uses insights from Earth 2050 – Kaspersky’s award-winning interactive project that provides a futuristic image of what the world will look like in 30 years’ time.

“Looking into and understanding the future is something that has occupied the minds of humankind throughout time. It is this knowledge that allows us to be secure, prepared and confident. Kaspersky believes in a bright future where, as-of-yet unseen potential for humanity will be opened up by technology, which is why we secure it. We created the Safer Tomorrow platform to raise people’s awareness about what the future might look like and to feel more certain about upcoming opportunities,” says Andrew Winton, Vice President for Global Marketing at Kaspersky.

The temporary billboard stands at Castlepoint Station on the Wairarapa coast of New Zealand and can be found here. The construction will be accessible to the public until February 25 and will be dismantled thereafter. The structure has been designed with the environment in mind,– utilising sustainable materials which will be recycled after the dismantle. The billboard will be showing short selected predictions on the LED screen, 24/7.


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